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Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) Sports Medicine Program currently serves 17 intercollegiate sports teams. Since its inception in 1971, the SRJC Sports Medicine Program offers a broad spectrum of injury management for student-athletes and an academic experience for sports medicine students. The SRJC Sports Medicine Program is complimented by SRJC course offerings related to sports medicine and athletic training. This coursework, coupled with hands-on experience in the athletic training clinic, provide the student an educational arena in which to prosper academically; the program also affords ample opportunities for learning in the areas of injury management, such as prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and athletic training clinic protocol.

The Sports Medicine Program at SRJC enhances student marketability and increases the potential for successful transfer to a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology or related area for eventual transfer to a Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) accredited Masters program. Our program is not only for those aspiring to transfer and become certified athletic trainers! Students interested in physical therapy, personal training, kinesiology, physical education, nursing, pre-med, physician assistant, emergency medicine, coaching and beyond, are encouraged to participate in our program. The hands-on lab experience is invaluable for those hoping to get involved in the fields of healthcare or kinesiology.

Locally, our Sports Medicine Program serves as a career elective site for high school health pathway programs whereby students visit our sports medicine facility to job shadow and learn skills related to athletic training. A renovation of the sports medicine facility is underway of our premier 3,000 square foot facility.  Our clinic includes a large taping counter, ultrasound and muscle stimulation machines, blood flow restriction, recovery systems, cold tanks, a variety of rehabilitation equipment, examination and massage tables, as well as a private examination room. Seven professional certified athletic trainers, Dr. Monica Ohkubo, Guy Mohr, Joshua LaFontaine, Mercedes Zipperle, Jose Flores, Joseph Smith, Susan McCauley-Callagy and a committed group of sports medicine students, staff this well-facilitated learning environment. Dedicated team physicians, Dr. Ty Affleck and Dr. Kent Yinger, further enhance our program as well as acquired brain specialist Dr. Nancy Chinn and chiropractor Dr. Carole Yoshiwara.  We also have one of the only comprehensive student-athlete mental health programs in the California Community College system.  In collaboration with SRJC Student Health Services, a dedicated mental health counselor is in our clinic seeing patients both online and in person.


Santa Rosa Junior College Sports Medicine program is committed to providing quality healthcare to all intercollegiate student athletes based on the values of communication, collaboration, innovation, inclusion, integrity and equity. In collaboration with team physicians and other healthcare professionals, we take a holistic approach to provide care for the whole student athlete.

Our pre-professional sports medicine student program provides a platform upon which students can gain clinical and didactic knowledge as well as exposure and experience in an athletic medicine setting. We are committed to a climate for learning that considers diverse perspectives to be a powerful component in the education of every individual. We strive for excellence in our programs and services. We believe in the capacity for continuous quality improvement in the pursuit of excellence.

Athletic trainers provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical evaluations, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Athletic training is recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA), Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as an allied health care profession.

If you missed our Fall or Spring informational meetings, please email program director, Monica Ohkubo, to set up an individual meeting to get all of your questions answered!